Tuesday, 31 August 2010

you, me & the tipi

This engagement shoot submission had me at the first image.  It was a delicious concoction of  the gorgeous couple, the unusual location and the dreamy photography that made this a cert for my first photo shoot post. I could not chose from all the beautiful images I was sent and so have split this feature into two parts. Part two will be posted for your pleasure tomorrow.

Jade and Anthony, (one good looking couple I think you'll agree) made their way to The Tipi Adventure, where they met with Nicola from the ever gorgeous Daffodil Waves Photography. I need to not say too much more guys and dolls, the gorgeous photography speaks for itself...

Loving the photography so much.  The outfits are also amazing! Jades kaftan dress is to die for. Remember that part two of this bohemian dream will be coming up tomorrow along with some words from the fabulous Daffodil Waves Photography.

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