Friday, 6 August 2010

i own a head torch

Ok, so I did it. I went and bought a head torch.

I am fairly new to this blogging shenanigans and so I am unaware if it is sensible to be stating such a fact on what is intended to be a blog full of pretty things and ideas to ponder over. 

I am going on a trek tomorrow which commences with a Saturday morning wake up call at 6:30am. I must then make my way to a pick up point where a bus will take me to the Cairngorm Mountains, (tasty little 3 hour journey).  The trek is part of a relay team, of which I will be doing a modest 15 mile hike.  Why oh why am I doing it? For charity of course!  The charity that I am willing to put myself through so much pain for are Wildhearts.  They do fantastic work, helping African communities start businesses to work their way out of poverty.  If you fancy a wee bit more information or to sponsor me you can visit my fundraising page.

But anyway, back to the point. I bought a head torch.  Upon returning to my flat I quickly loaded the batteries and headed to the only space I have without windows (the bathroom) to test said product out.

It rocks my world.

My new favourite toy is a head torch.  What has happened to me?  I am usually a giggling mess over all things girly, cute and pretty but for some reason I have found a part of my person that delights in preparing for outdoor explorations.  I enjoyed wondering around the shops pretending to be all sporty and outdoorsy.

I have never been camping in my life.  But my new found love for my head torch makes me think that my mega monster honeymoon, (which I am going to hold off mentioning for now) may actually be more suited to my person than I originally thought.

And the best thing about this head torch? I can use it in bed.
... as a reading light.

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