Monday, 23 August 2010

chocolate just got sexy

I know, I know... chocolate was always sexy, right?  Well take a look at these gorgeous ladies.

You could be forgiven for mistaking them as promotional models hired by Miss Coco. When in fact these ladies are the fabulous Miss Coco.  A gorgeous plan devised by Scotland's Sarah Finlay, this boutique chocolatier is devoted to creating sparkly delights that take the term eye candy to a whole new level.


Now who wouldn't want to eat these sparkly little numbers? Vintage rose and violet crémes... mmm makes my mouth water just typing it.  These would make delicious favours especially for those of you having a vintage hollywood glamour wedding.


Looking like little upside down fairy wands, these Hot Choc Dip's are wooden spoons that are sunken into blocks of chocolate, embedded with marshmallows. The idea behind them is that you dunk them into warm milk, give them a swirl and voila!  Hot Chocolate.  An exciting favour or place name for small and big kids alike, these would be sure to warm up those at a winter wedding.

The above are just a little taste of what's available at Miss Coco.  So pay the ladies a visit to see what other delectable delights are on offer.


  1. Yum, except now I want some....

  2. I was drinking wine and eating chocolates while I wrote this and my mouth was still watering for those lovely wee Vintage Rose and Violet Crémes. xo

  3. They look seriously divine. Yuuuuum! xx


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