Sunday, 15 August 2010

Rock. Paper. Japanese Masking Tape

I am fully aware that this little piece of stationary heaven will already be bookmarked by a lot of you, but I have only quite recently discovered it.  So please allow me to indulge myself (and those of you yet to be acquainted) in some gorgeous eye candy from Papermash.

Brought to us by Tea for Joy, who recognised a hole in the stationary market.  She subsequently decided that this hole needed to be filled with quirky designs and gorgeous items not usually found in the UK.  After doing all the leg work, and designing a sweetheart of a website, Papermash was born.

My first and favourite item is the I Love Lists note paper. As a woman who cannot make it through a day without writing a series of lists, these will soon be adorning my desk at work.  Making the daily To Do's that little bit prettier.

Second up is a fantastic way of allowing your guests to share their comments on the day. For those of you having photo booths, imagine how cute it would be to have them fill in one of these note cards and later you could match it to their photo for a personalised touch to your guest book.

However, to top it all off, you don't even have to spend a penny to add a little Papermash magic to your wedding.  The fabulous lady behind it all has also chosen to share some craft projects with us, including how to make these lovely little Drinks Parasols.

Beautiful website, delightful products and free craft projects... Surely you don't need anymore reasons to visit than that?


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