Thursday, 5 August 2010

... and so it begins.

I was first plunged into the underground world of wedding mania when G proposed in September 2009.  Little did he know that upon uttering those four words on bended knee, that he would be subjected to 20 months of crazy gravy.
Don’t get me wrong. I am by no means a bridezilla. My affliction is somewhat worse. I am an excited young bride-to-be ... and a designer.
The fears of high expectation thrust upon me were recently confirmed when I overheard my Mum saying "Of course it will be amazing, she is an interior designer".  As my self confidence dissolved into self doubt, I ran to my room to cry like a little girl. Pressure, pressure, pressure. 
Then, after having a serious look at myself, I decided to embrace it.  I have the opportunity to draw Inspiration from the world of design and create my perfect day, my way.  No dodgy clients, no uncertain budgets... just me, my ideas and the man that loved the detail-freak in me enough to put a ring on my finger. 
G and I have a natural tendency to shy away from anything conventional and have an insatiable lust for music.  We want our day to have a relaxed festival feel with a fun style, quirky details, tons of DIY and a colour palette that would make Joseph's Dreamcoat look like a £2 Primark special.

So this is my opportunity to share my thoughts and designs, saving the mind of my gorgeous Fiancé, as I march my way (scrapbook in hand) toward wedded bliss.

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