Tuesday, 10 August 2010

if gorgeous was a colour

Berry Red is a beautiful online labyrinth of all things pretty and really is as delicious as its name. You could spend so much time floating through this website, cup of tea in hand to deter you from reaching for the credit card.  Although, the prices you will see here are refreshingly affordable for such gorgeously designed pieces.  You will want everything.

Imagine how amazing it would look to have your guest's drinks dished out in one of these fabulous retro lemonade crates.

Or how fun it would be to use these quirky Penguin postcards for anything from your save the dates to guest comment cards on the day.

And for those of you looking for elegant details to wow your guests, have a peek at these dainty little glass place settings.

If you are planning on giving out sweeties as favours, jewelry as gifts or pretty much damn anything that will fit onto these cute wee boats, it's definitely worth a look see.

This is only just a taste of what's on offer.  These delectable delights and a whole host more can be found at Berry Red.  And if that wasn't enough reason to visit... guess what? They're having a sale!


  1. Oooh, good find! Haven't come across them before but they look great - off now to have a good old nosey.

  2. I DID use those exact penguin postcards for our guest book!! (sorry just stumbled on here via twitter/RMW and I know this is a really old post, but I couldn't help myself...)


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