Tuesday, 7 September 2010

are you a weirdo?

Blogging... it's a funny thing isn't it? It's pretty much like a virtual diary of things that you love, loath, experiences and rants. It also puts you in contact with people who are like minded. People who share your interests which, in my case is wedding planning and a little bit of design. It also creates a kind of hype, a weird little industry of getting excited over looking at things on screens. Nosiness really.
As a very visually stimulated person, I love sharing and stealing ideas form people. Not in the horrible copyright breaking way, but in the oooo I want that too kind of way. I love talking to people online who can really understand what it takes to get a wedding pulled together.

So why then do some people see it as weird?

There seems to be a bit of a taboo around using the internet as a social tool when it doesn't involve Facebook or Twitter. People are cagey about forums and blogs. Are they more geekish than the major social networking sites? I have never understood this, but I do know that I usually have to test the water with someone before I tell them that I blog. Not because I don't want them to read it, but because I am slightly embarrased about this internet life that I lead.

The world of blogging is somewhat addictive and I have been spending most evenings trawling through various websites for ideas on my own wedding, but also talking to these brides and wedding industry folk via Twitter.

This morning Gavin and I had a bit of an argument over this very thing. Over me spending time on the computer. My arguement was this... he goes out to football 2/3 nights a week. I am more than happy for him to do this as it's what makes him happy. And I know that if i was out participating in some sort of activity, it wouldn't bother him. But for some reason blogging does. It has since been resolved but I thought I should ask this... do any of you get the same reaction from people? And why do you think it is?


  1. Oh hun, I know exactly what you mean. I have had the odd looks when I tell people I blog and have had the same arguement with my OH on the amount of time I spend on Twitter and blogs! I think it comes down to personal preference - it works for some and not for others. But I think it's a shame that the people it's not for make us feel like we have to hide it away. Like some dark secret! :0) I say sod 'um. It works for us and that's all that matters! I'm a weirdo and I'm proud of it! :0) xx

  2. Another weirdo here! Like you I can be very reluctant to tell people I blog or tweet, almost like I'm involved in something dodgy!

    Most of my family and friends know I blog, yet I still find it weird when someone talks to me about something I've written or tell me they've read the blog... especially when that someone is my Grandad! x

  3. I actually haven't told ANYONE in real life that I blog - oh....actually....that's a lie, I've told @makeupbykaty who will be my MUA for the wedding, but I've not actually met her yet, so that sort of doesn't count.

    One day, I may well tell people, but at the moment blogging is actually a little escape from the real world, and a place to share all of my thoughts and ideas (particularly wedding talk) with like minded people, rather than forcing it on my friends and family.

    I'm not brave enough to share it with anyone in the real world yet, so good on your for doing it and fighting for it too!


  4. Blogging is a funny thing; most of family and friends know tho altho I am careful not to share it on facebook etc.

    It was weird when one of my friends saw the table plan and which table they were on before the wedding though!

    My dad also talked about my blog in his wedding speech too; as he had got mum to knit a tea cosy in our wedding colours (long story about how I used to wear them on my head as a baby and my blog profile pic was me with said cosy on my head!)

  5. totally know where you are coming from my husband (still can't get used to saying it) thinks I am bonkers and likes to read my blog secretly and then critisize my grammar and spelling. I also haven't told my family apart from my sister who is a little weird like me.
    I do feel a bit silly doing it and look at other blogs that I love to read and feel totally rubbish about mine but it's my little guilty pleasure.....


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