Tuesday, 21 September 2010

the i miss... list

Here I am, alone in my flat with a big bowl of pasta and a tall glass of white wine. Gavin has disappeared off to football. And so, I sit with poised digits waiting on some sort of wedding related matter to push its way to the front of the gathering of thoughts in my head.

But I cannot think of anything... nothing to do with dresses, cakes, guest lists or favours. Strange, as all of the above have plagued my mind continually since the day I became a wedding research fiend.

Because, I am homesick.

As some of you may or may not know, I live in Scotland. I am from Ireland. I know this will seem like a pathetic distance compared to some of you (Fliss) but I cannot help but crave my home comforts and mourn the pop-round-for-tea relationship with my family and friends.

So, allow me to indulge myself in a little list of things I miss about home (in no particular order) :

- The smell of my Mum making apple pies at Halloween

- My Dad calling me to the computer to watch the latest U2 tour video

- My mental cousin (now cheif bridesmaid) coming round for wine and nostalgic stories of our childhood

- Wheaten Bread

- Getting head massages and cuddles from my Nanny

- Seeing my beautiful friend (now bridesmaid) everyday in college

- Belfast Black Taxis

- My wee sister crawling into my bed on a saturday morning for a cuddle

- Having breakfast and a heart to heart alone with my Dad at the weekend whilst the rest of my family sleeps in

- Making my Mum laugh with the latest Youtube video, she shares my stupid sense of humour

- My brother and I having a laugh and listening to music in the dining room after dinner, when Mum and Dad head to the living room to watch the news

- The smell of Irish rain (it's different, I swear)

- Beer mats... no where to be seen here

- Tayto cheese and onion crisps

- Being able to ask for a curry chip and people know what your talking about

The list could go on and on and on, but I won't because quite frankly I am becoming an emotional emma just typing this and Gavin will come home to a sad sight of me crying into my Pinot Grigio.

 Are any of you living away from home? No matter how far, what is your i miss... list?


  1. now you're making me miss Ireland and I've only been there once! Bless you what you need to do is make another list of things you love living with Gavin hopefully that will make you feel better xxx

  2. Hey Girl!!(please apply strict motherly tone to previous statement) Sitting here wondering why I didn't get a call if your feeling so low! what am I here for?

    Missin you lots of lots too
    PS interview was a disaster!

    Becks xxx

  3. Yes, I live away from home turf. Originally from Germany and know exactly what you mean. I do miss just being able to hang out with my mum and sister eat all my mums lovely home cooked dishes. The Rye bread, the weather... but then again I do LOVE Glasgow and the people and am lucky enough to have lovely neighbours who have become family.
    Plus they don't have Teacakes in Germany!

  4. Oh my gosh, lady! You're so allowed to be homesick.

    I left home when I was 20 to live with my parnter when I was expecting.

    We moved approximately 1 mile and I was homesick. I'm a real family girl. Through and through.

    I can't imagine what it's like for you. Can you not convince Gavin to move to Ireland *wink, wink*

    Big hugs,

    Becca xx

  5. I gotta ask. What are tayto cheese and onion crisps? For some reason tayto makes me think of potato? :)

  6. You would be totally correct Savoir! They are offically the nicest tasiest crisps in the history of the earth.

  7. Hey, this is gavin here. I'm Naomi's fiance.

    You know when you plow through day to day stuff? Working, paying bills, wondering where the hell the money is going to come from to pay for this wedding?.. Well when you get caught up in that you tend to forget to appreciate what you are doing all this for. I forget Naomi has given up her family and friends to live with me and if that doesn't blow yer socks off you should send a wee self addressed postcard to Sockless Joe and I'll tell you why.
    Naomi's efforts, ideas and constant striving and bettering of herself leave me bemused on a weekly basis. This sounds like an exaggeration but I stress it is not. Give her a cape and she's Wonderwoman (sexy) heh hehe.
    this has already gone on too long and words really don't sum it up.
    She set up an account for me to sign onto with but me being me and the opposite of Naomi's efficiency I didnae bother. Love the bones of you, sweetheart. X

  8. Tayto cheese and onion crisps? Ah, man. Do you miss red lemonade out of the bottle, too? And Cadbury's chocoalte tastes different in Ireland too, I swear. Plus you can buy all of those special ones - Mint Crisp and Caramello and all - in ANY shop. Sniff, sob.


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