Thursday, 9 September 2010


You know what? I didn't even have to come up with a title this time. Because the name of this melt-your-heart designer's brand is just so feckin cool! Stay...Gold...Mary...Rose. I love it.

Anyway, back at the ranch, I was trawling the punterweb looking for something gorgeous for my bridesmaids. That's when I came across these! Are you ready for it? Vintage Bone China Teacup Bracelets. Correct. Teacups that have been beautifully crafted into jewellery!

These are honestly the most beautiful pieces of hand crafted gorgeousness that I have ever seen. I must own one.

To top it all off, I contacted Abigail, the one woman team behind StayGoldMaryRose, to ask her permission for featuring her work (as that's what us lovely bride bloggers do) and she even agreed to answer some questions. The questions is a new thing I'm trying out here, 'borrowed' from my real life job, so let me know if you like it. Here it is, the insight into the mind of a craft genius extraordinaire...

I love it when people... leave things in books and then donate them to charity shops. I have found a few gems before. Photos, letters and drawings. It's like your own mini 'found' magazine.

I don't know what I'd do without my... (workshop) typewriter, records, books and coffee machine!

My inspiration comes from... (at the moment) Jules Verne's books and Ernst Haeckel's 'art forms in nature' I'm getting a bit obsessed with old explorers and collectors who had to voyage on ships and document their finds by pen and ink.

I like to rock out to... anything really. A few sailor jerrys and I'm away! I saw Beirut perform two nights ago at their sold out show. I am still glowing from that. They were amazing.

So sweet and breezy. She signs the email off with 'Stay Gold'. Abigail officially rocks.

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  1. Oh my golly goshers! I must have these. A whole arm full. How beautiful! Amazingness! xx

    Becca xx


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