Wednesday, 17 November 2010

the other woman

One more sleep to go.

Then I will be joined by none other than my best friend Becks and her lovely Fiancé Horse.  Horse has got a real name, but as I have never known anyone to ever call him by it, he shall (in this post and also life) forever remain Horse.

Becks and I have been friends from we were at school together, we were brought together in Art class and have since enjoyed one of the best friendships I have ever had. She is the one person I can talk to about anything. Even though I now live 162 miles away from her, she is still the person I turn to for love, support and advice, no matter what the circumstance. Sure I have my friends, but I would honestly marry this woman if I was that way inclined. We just get each other, and we always will.

Becks, Rachel and Myself donning random found Tina Turner-esque wigs

So, she is coming to see me! Excited! 

You see, Becks is one of my Bridesmaids and also in the early stages of planning her own wedding. So I am longing for some girly company to swoon over gorgeous wedding things with. In fact, we have a bit of a wedding day planned for Friday. Its goes as follows:

10:00am - Appointment at Emma Roy to try on my Wedding Dress! MY actual one that I will be wearing on my actual wedding day!! Super excited about this. Although my plan to be svelte has not really worked as I continue to eat all the pies.

11:30am - Go and see my reception venue The Caves. Take some measurements and run around quietly screaming inside about getting to show the venue to Becks.

Lunch somewhere lovely, yet to be decided!

2:00pm - See Ceremony venue Winton House and speak to new wedding planner (as the last one is all lovely and pregnant). Swan around feeling grand and imagining everything that will happen there in 6 months time. (Again... run around and quietly scream inside about getting to show the venue to Becks).

Also planned... will be getting Becks to try on her Bridesmaids dress, attempting to plan a hen do and discussing photographers for her wedding. 

The rest of the weekend will be a concoction of booze, food and mischief. 

Better get cleaning my flat. xo

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  1. That sounds like such fun I wasnt really able to do that with my best friend. Although I did have three hen do's greedy I know. I had one with all my friends and sister where we went up to london stayed in fab hotel had sex and the city themed afternoon tea then drank many cocktails and then had dinner in lovely restuarant followed by more cocktails. I had an afternoon tea in lovely statley home with my mum,mother in law,nan's,sister and sister in law which was very civilized. Then I had a greek resturant with greek dancing and lots of wine with girls from work. So it was all great fun and would do it all again. It's these moments we get to spend with friends and family in the run up to the wedding and after that makes it all so special. Have a great time it sounds like you are going to have a scream!


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