Sunday, 5 December 2010

6 month bliss

So we now have 5 months and 21 days to go.

And I feel glorious.

As you may have known through following the blog or my tweets, I have been a tad stressed about the impending day... on occasion. It's a very twisty road for me. Some days I am bursting with pride and anticipation, some days I am bursting into tears at the thought of not having a colour scheme (which, of course, I still do not have). But I can honestly say that in the entire 16 months that I have been planning the shenanigans, I have not felt so blissfully happy and at ease with the whole process as I have done this past month.

See... this is me really really really happy
(at our engagement shoot)

Seriously, everything is rosy. Gavin and I have been having so much fun together and I don't feel at all consumed by the wedding. Which is how I thought I would be feeling at this point in time. But I have a delicious balance on the go at the moment. Both in my head and in how I spend my time. However, I think the main change has been my attitude toward the task. It's so much more relaxed and enjoyable.

I am a bit unsure as to why this is... It may be because I am now doing rather than planning. It may be because the 27th of May is in sight. It may be because I am now making solid decisions. Or it may simply be because people have changed comments from "2011? Och, you've got looooads of time pet." to "May? Not long now, eh?". Whatever the reason, long may it last.

I am not quite blonde enough to believe that I will feel no pressure or strain as the days tick by, but I would certainly like to keep this sense of equilibrium that I seem to have found. So please tell me, is it possible to remain cucumber cool in the last throes of wedding planning or are we all doomed to a complete emotional upheaval as the day draws nearer?

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