Tuesday, 2 November 2010

what love smells like

Wow-wee.  It's been a while eh?

Well I'm back. And I dare say that I will be posting a bit more regularly in future.

So the latest in the wedding saga? Well, I'm sure there have been a few little stories but the one that I shall focus on today is going to be perfume. Wedding perfume to be precise. That sweet smell that you plan to exude on the day that will be bottled up in that gorgeous little glass diffuser, ready for the photographer to take the token 'here is a piece of jewellery casually draped over my chosen scent shot'. Because that's where we usually store our expensive designer bracelets.

Well, it's not something that I had really given much thought to. After a few brief flirtations with Issy, Coco, Dolce, Givenchy and an unexpected fling with Diesel... I always return to my safe and comfortable Donna Karan. Be Delicious to be precise, the one that looks like an apple. It's the perfume that upon a reunion with friends and family sparks comments such as "I missed how you smell", "I always smell this off other people and think of you" or the good old " You still smell like Naomi".  Now don't get me wrong, I am not swanning around constantly doused in a cloud of DKNY, but it has been my regular for about the last 5 years. So the thought that I would wear something else on my wedding day does kinda feel like I'm cheating on my favourite perfume.

DKNY Be Delicious

But to be honest folks, I haven't been sniffing around any of the recent newcomers for such a long time now, that I don't know what's out there. So I decided to reacquaint myself with the perfume stalls of a few department stores. Anytime I was passing, I would jump in for a quick chat and a few smelly sticks with designers names scribbled on them and would inevitably come out smelling of something foreign. A bit like when you wear someone else's scarf and are acutely aware that you smell like them all day.

So after a few of these express testings, I got speaking to a lady who got exactly what I was looking for. I said "fresh and clean with a slight hint of floral, not too sweet, bitter or musky." She said " I know exactly the one, would be perfect for your wedding". Out comes the bottle, a beautifully classic square piece of glass with a vintage looking metal tag label donning the word "Prada".  

Prada infusion d'iris

She refuses to spray a piece of card as she wanted to see how I would "wear it". Unbeknownst to me, perfume changes slightly depending on your body chemicals and temperatures. So I get dutifully misted, I pause for a moment and finally concede myself to the fact that I have fallen for another. Donna Karen is no longer my one and only. I am upgrading to Prada darling!

So after giddily agreeing that this would be my wedding day perfume and that I would buy the shower gel and body lotion also (to ensure that I was sufficiently wafting my new light and fresh fragrance to those in my company), I thought better and decided to let Gavin smell it. After all, this would be the perfume he would be breathing in as he leans to kiss his new wife. It should resonate with him as much as me and have him wanting to breathe me all day long, forever reminding him of the happiest day of his life.

I hastily drag him to John Lewis the next chance I get. I douse myself in a heavenly mist and walk towards him in a confident and sexy way asking him what  he thinks. He leans in, as if to kiss my neck, sending goosebumps all over my body, I can feel him breathing me in. He finally straightens up to face my beaming smile and says ... "smells a bit like disinfectant."

F*cking boo.


  1. I spent quite a bit in Jo Malone on a perfume and body cream....only for my lovely OH to tell me it smelt like old lady wee. A rather expensive mistake! I think I may end up in Chanel or Dior xxx

  2. Such a boy comment!! The search continues then, it'll be worth it though as like you said smells envoke memories and having a new one for wedding day means it's lovely when you wear it again :D

  3. Very funny post! I will be reading in the future.

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